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Be Dramatic, Bold - Excited
Like A
Wild Man!

"People Will Not Be Bored In Print"
Claude Hopkins

No one has ever said it better than Claude Hopkins. You must be excited about your product. If you can't get excited about your own offer do you really expect me too?

Professors are not dead, Rocket Scientists, Lawyers and Presidents are not dead - they all respond to excitement! (if you don't think so just look at old Bill - running after Monica like that:-)

The point is to never fall in the trap of thinking that...

'oh my customers are not like that' - that's manure!

Everybody is like that!

Everyone responds to Fire, Passion and Excitement!

Use bold letters, exclamation marks and underlining to 'liven up' your letters!

The best way to have real excitement shine through your letters is to start writing down every benefit you can think of. If you have a good product, writing down a list of benefits will get you excited and the rest of the letter falls into place.

Excitement is catching - it rushes like a wild fire straight to your order form - fill your advertising with it - make the reader excited and watch your income!

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